Charging generator HW 30

HAUG-Charging systems

HAUG charging systems are designed to apply electrostatic charges without physical contact. These systems can be used for any application where different materials are to be pinned together electrostatically. At least, one of these materials must be non-conductive. The electrostatic pinning serves to enhance subsequent processes, such as film/foil overlapping in packaging machines.


HAUG charging systems can be used, among others, in the following applications:

  • for fixing and positioning films and foils, paper and cardboard, e.g. on different materials such as sheet steel, glass panes, wood sheets, and similar;
  • the pinning of film/foil in packaging machines or in film/foil sealing machines;
  • the pinning of film/foil in reversing winding systems, the pinning of film/foil reels in order to prevent the telescope effect, and the pinning of film/foil onto the cardboard tube, without any adhesive, at the start of film winding.

Charging generator HW 30

The HW 30 charging generator is a high-voltage unit that is used together with the resistance-coupled HAUG charging electrode ALW and a suitable counter-electrode. The charging electrode must be mounted at 10 to 30 mm above the material to be charged, exactly opposite the counter-electrode. When an earthed counter-electrode is used, it must be in contact with the material to be charged.

In order to obtain a constant a reliable charging, we strongly recommend that the materials, whoche are to be pinned together, be neutralized by means of an appropriate HAUG ionizing system before the charging process.

Special features and advantages

The HW 30 charging generator generates an adjustable high voltage up tp 40 kVDC. The device is available with either positive or negative polarity. Integrated measuring instrument show the voltage and the current. High voltage and current threshold can be set with two different potentiometers. In the event that the flowing current exceeds the preset limit, an error signal is received and the high voltage is switched off.

The HW 30 charging generator can be set up for intermittent service by means of an external control. An external signalling unit can be activated through the integrated signal connection.

Connector assignment

  Operating status Contacts closed
Normal mode Mains voltage ok High voltage ok 1 and 3
Internal failure Mains voltage ok High voltage failure 1 and 2
External failure Mains voltage failure not defined 1 and 2

Technical data

Types HW 30 230 V positive
115 V positive
Order-No.: 09.7910.000
Order-No.: 09.7911.000
230 V negative
115 V negative
Order-No.: 09.7912.000
Order-No.: 09.7913.000
with analog display
HW 30 230 V positive
115 V positive
Order-No.: 09.7920.000
Order-No.: 09.7921.000
230 V negative
115 V negative
Order-No.: 09.7922.000
Order-No.: 09.7923.000
with analog/digital display
Dimensions 345 x 280 x 159 mm
Protection Type IP 54
Protection class I
Supply voltage 115 VAC / 230 VAC (50 – 60 Hz)
HV-terminals 2
Power consumption approx. 60 VA
Output-voltage approx. 40 kVDC
Short-circuit output current
(lk) ≤ 4,5 mA
Pulse frequency 1 Hz, via floating normally open contact
Operating temperature +5 °C to +45 °C
Storage/transport temperature -15 °C to +60 °C
Weight 13 kg
Mains cable 2,6 m; fixed to the device

Subject to technical changes!


Round plug   Order-No.: X-0616
Angled plug   Order-No.: X-5718
Signalling cable K1
incl. Round plug
5 m Order-No.: 06.8941.000
10 m Order-No.: 06.8941.001
20 m Order-No.: 06.8941.002

Technical illustration