Tristat TR 15 & TR 25

The HAUG charging generators Tristat TR 15 / TR 25 are high-voltage generators developed specifically for the supply of HAUG charging triodes (types ALT, ALM and ANT). The charging triode is placed at a distance of approx. 10–20 mm above the material to be charged, directly opposite the counter-eletrode. The earthed counter-electrode must be in contact with the material to be charged.

In order to achieve a continuous, operationally reliable “adhesion” of the two materials, it is important to discharge the materials to be pinned to each other before charging using a suitable HAUG ionization system.

Special features and advantages

The charging generators Tristat TR 15 and TR 25 supply an adjustable high-voltage of approx. 22 kVDC.
The units are available in either positive or negative polarity. In case of the TR 25 ,the voltage set is displayed on the integrated measuring instrument. The Tristat TR 15 / TR 25 charging generators can be pulsed using an external control.

Suitable charging triodes

HAUG charging triodes (types ALT, ALM, ANT) are characterized by a very homogenous field at the charging pins. As a result of the special geometric design of the charging triode, spark-overs to the counter-electrode are impossible. The charging triode can therefore be mounted at a distance of as little as approx. 10 mm from the material to be charged. The charging triode provides a very high charge even at low voltages and thus ensures very good adhesion.

Due to their simple design using magnetic clamps, worn charging pins can easily be exchanged. The charging triode is connected using a shielded high-voltage cable.


  • Plastic processing: packaging machines, foil extruders, foil processing equipment
  • Graphic industry: advanced print processing
  • Glass industry: flat glass production
  • Electronics industry: data carrier production

Technical data

Types TR 15 230 V positive
115 V positive
Order-No.: 09.7640.000
Order-No.: 09.7641.000
TR 15 230 V negative
115 V negative
Order-No.: 09.7642.000
Order-No.: 09.7643.000
TR 25 230 V positive
115 V positive
Order-No.: 09.7650.000
Order-No.: 09.7651.000
TR 25 230 V negative
115 V negative
Order-No.: 09.7652.000
Order-No.: 09.7653.000
Protection Type IP 54
Protection class I
Supply voltage 115 VAC / 230 VAC (50 – 60 Hz)
Output-voltage 22 kVDC
Short-circuit output current (lk) = 3 mA
HV-terminals 1
Power consumption 40 VA
Pulse frequency 1 Hz pulse via floating normally open contact
Operating temperature +5 °C to +45 °C
Storage/transport temperature -15 °C to +60 °C
Weight 7 kg
Mains cable 2,6 m; fixed to the device

Subject to technical changes!

Comparison table TR 15 / TR 25

Characteristics TR 15 TR 25
fixed pulse cable yes no
Pulse socket no yes
Pulse operation via floating normally open contact yes yes
High-voltage display no yes


Round plug   Order-No.: X-0616
Angled plug   Order-No.: X-5718
Signalling cable K1
5 m Order-No.: 06.8941.000
10 m Order-No.: 06.8941.001
20 m Order-No.: 06.8941.002

Technical illustration